The on-going mission of Greneker is to contribute to a better tomorrow for ourselves,
our clients and our society by leading the visual merchandising industry to products
and methods that promote ever greater efficiency, sustainability, inspiration and

Greneker at the 
2012 A.R.E. Retail Design Collective
Greneker at the
2011 A.R.E. Retail Design Collective

3110 east 12th street
los angeles, ca 90023

phone: 323.263.9000
fax: 323.263.9543

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Sales Representatives


Gerry Clark                                Tom Raguse                             Tom Smith
West Coast                               Midwest/Latin America              Canada         
office:  323.263.9000x305           office:  713.782.5533                office:  612.867.5794  
fax:      323.263.9543                 fax:  713.785.1114                   
fax:     323.980.1173 

Tina Martino                               Allen Meyer                            Carol Radwanski
East Coast                                 Midwest                                 Southeast            
office:  804.342.2940                  office:  847.438.6272                office:  813.662.9385
fax:      804.342.2941                  fax:     847.438.6277                fax:     813.655.8432
                                                cell:    847.606.6272

Robert Ruckdeschel                      Candice Diaz                           Susan Arica
West Coast                                 In-House                                In-House           
office:  503.524.8912                   office:  323.263.9000                office:  323.263.9000
                                                fax:     323.263.9543                fax:      323.263.8002     

Management Team

Erik Johnson                               Steven Beckman                   David Naranjo
President & C.E.O.                       Vice President & C.O.O.         Vice President, Creative      
office:  323.263.9000                   office:  323.263.9000            office:  323.263.9000
fax:      323.263.9543                  fax:     323.263.9543             fax:      323.263.9543