Mannequin Collections
Mannequin Collections

Mannequin Collections

Mannequin Collections

Tastes and trends in mannequins have changed drastically since the early days of mannequin production. Greneker started with the largest and most prestigious brands in the world and continues to this day to work with retail giants, providing innovative, contemporary designs.

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On the cutting edge of apparel display since 1934. Greneker mannequins bring the style, innovation, and body positivity you need to inspire your customers and move your merchandise.

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Mannequins: Fashion

Athletic / Fitness

Crafted for your active clientele, Greneker has the sportiest mannequins on the market in a full range of sports and fitness poses.

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Mannequin: Fitness/athletic


Unique displays of all shapes and sizes:
Dressmaker forms
3/4 forms

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Custom Mannequins

Greneker’s Rapid Development Approach (RDA) can create beautiful mannequins to your exact specifications, the most cost-efficient approach with the fastest turnaround on the market today. Contact your sales rep for more information!

Weeks - not months - from concept to final product
Endless possible poses to precise measurements
One-offs or mass production available
Domestic and import production capability


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